About Us

Welcome to “The Dutch Travel Family”, a travel inspiration blog for families by Marcel and Tikva. We have been together since 2001 and travel has always been a big part of our lives. In 2013 our daughter was born and since then we are exploring the world with the three of us.

About travelling

Travelling gives us the opportunity to discover other cultures, see the natural and historical wonders of the world, meet special people and explore our own adventurous part. Having quality time together and seeing the world through the eyes of child makes it even more special.

Before we became parents we were lucky enough to already see a big part of the world (check: Were we have been). We took a 9-month round the world trip, climbed Kilimanjaro for our honeymoon and snorkeled with whale sharks in the Philippines. But when we became parents we found it pretty hard to find the information we were looking for “what kind of formula is available in Iceland” or “What are the best playground in Luxembourg”. This is when we decided to share our own tips online.


We are not full-time travelers but just a regular family that has to make the most of our weekends and holidays. Our favorite regions for a 3-week holiday are Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We combine this with short holidays and weekends away in Europe and in our home country, the Netherlands. We usually travel independently and depending on the amount of time and the region we make hotel reservations and book tours or just go with the flow. Once upon a time we used to be budget backpackers but now we are looking for the best price/quality experience. Our main interests are city trips, museums, diving, walking and nature. But we also have our own favorite activities. For Marcel this would be cycling, while Tikva loves history related stuff and our daughter is happiest when animals and playgrounds are included.

About blogging

We have been blogging on a personal blog since 2004. In 2014 we launched our Dutch language travel blog “Gezin op Reis” (Dutch for Travelling Family). Our Dutch language website is more comprehensive than “The Dutch Travel Family”. “Gezin op Reis” includes travel stories as far back as 2001, product reviews, tips on travel with children, interviews etc. We run one of only a handful of professional family travel blogs in the Netherlands. And our aim is to the best Dutch language family travel blog in the Netherlands for parents who like us prefer authentic and surprising destinations.


While there are a lot more English language family travel blogs we noticed that the information on many of the destinations that we have been to is still pretty limited. We have been asked multiple times if we cannot share our experiences in English.

We launched this website with this idea but unfortunatly this will take to much of our time. So for now our focus is on our Dutch language website.

For more information please contact us at gezinopreis@gmail.com